Friday, August 31, 2007

Birthday Wishes!

To my wife!

Today is her birthday, and she turned 29 years (no, I'm not telling you her real age, as she'd kill me :) ) young today!!

We won't be able to celebrate in style today as we are shooting 2 weddings this weekend, so we'll raincheck it for later in the fall. Maybe we'll head to that little dessert place downtown tonight for a quick choco-somethingorother....!

Here are a few fun pics of her...

On a more serious note!

My little red-headed helper, isn't she cute?!

Hunny - I luv ya so much! Have a wonderful day!

Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Heather & Geoff!

Way, way back in May, we had the chance to shoot Heather & Geoff. Geoff is the strong, silent type, while Heather bounces around and is full of spontaneous energy. He is definitely the yin to her yang!! An awesome couple to be around, along with all their family and friends. They got ready, dressed, married and had their party all at a wonderful place called the Bean Town Ranch. It is a wonderful ranch, perfect for a wedding with a country flair. Complete with horse drawn buggy, beautiful ponds and great service, it's something that you should check out. The owners Genevieve and Guy are both wonderful people who know how to take care of you!

A neat shot of their very original cake, or should I say cakes! Yum!

Heather looking stunning in her dress!

And some detail of the back of the dress...

A shot just after I caught Heather's parent's sneaking a kiss. Her dad is quite a ham!

The camera loved the groom...

A nice shot of the ranch at dusk.

A nice, intimate shot of the newlyweds...

I love this one of Heather. What a great expression!

This is in the same spot where Heather and Geoff got married. I love the backdrop, and the late afternoon light!

Here is a ***SLIDESHOW*** of their big day! Enjoy!

Sunday, August 26, 2007

Walker Family!

A few weeks back I had the chance to shoot an amazing family! They all came ready for action and had lots of ideas for the shoot. They were so fun to hang out with, and it felt like I had known them all for a long time.

Just a nice casual pose with the gang. As soon as I saw the dry creek bed, I knew we had to make use of it.

What family photoshoot would be complete without a shot with Grandma?!

The girls. Aren't they gorgeous!?

Dad and two of his favourite gals...

A BB signature shot! I've said this before, and I'll say it again, you guys sure make my life easy...

Thanks so much for hangin' with me gang! It was a lot of fun to be with you and I hope to do it again!

Friday, August 17, 2007

Tiff's Mat Shoot!

I have the best friends in the world. From getting married, to being pregnant, to having the kids run around and play, I am usually around to shoot whatever the occasion may be. And I love it!

When Tiff asked me to shoot her and her new belly, I was so excited and jumped all over the chance to do so. She is an awesome person and wonderful friend, so it was a no-brainer for me.

They know they are going to be having a boy, so I had them bring down some booties for this shot.

And of course the shoot wouldn't be complete without a nice pic with Dad!

Love the tenderness of this sweet...

After a few shots on the deck, Tiff wanted to jump into the pool for a couple of fun water shots. So I had Dad hold my infamous 'white sheet' and she posed. I think she looks fantastic!

And who says pregnant ladies can't be sexy and gorgeous?! If there ever was an edition of 'Pregnant Sports Illustrated', this would be a candidate! I think every pregnant lady wants to look this beautiful!!

T&T, we are so excited for the new addition, and can't wait for him to arrive. You will be wonderful, giving and fun parents and we just couldn't be any happier for you!

I'm kinda hoping he's a redhead, as I'm partial you know. And if you're stuck for names, I think 'Byron' would be amazing. Just has a really nice ring to it...

Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Julia & Pat - The eSession!

Not all that long ago, I had the chance to shoot Julia and Pat's engagement pics. He's a firefighter and a big guy while she is petite (even in heels!), but they are a perfect fit for one another. In the short time we hung out, we got a chance to know one another, and they became very comfortable in front of the camera. We shot in the buttery morning light and every shot just seemed to get better and better.

Here is a nice, relaxed pose of the happy couple!

Love that backlight! What a gorgeous shot of these two!

Again, a nice casual shot of the groom to be with his lady in waiting...

If these pictures are any indication, she is going to be a beautiful bride:

Such a soft image with gorgeous eyes. I can see why Pat fell for her!

An intimate moment (not posed whatsoever :) ):

And of course, he's not too hard on the camera either! What a cute couple!

Loved shooting you guys, can't wait for the big day!

Monday, August 13, 2007

Photo of the Month!

Hey Everyone,

Seeing as how you've seen nothing but wedding photos from me all summer, I thought I'd start a 'Photo of the Month' series. Each month I will try to do a different theme. Here are some ideas:

* Water
* People
* Landscape
* Sports
* Fine art

Of course the list could go on, so why don't we just start with one. We were visiting friends last week who have a 4 month old baby. She's a real cutie and is so expressive. We had a lot of fun with her and I think she's going to love having her photo taken when she's older.

I love this shot. Why?

Babies seem to love their feet. Eat them, play with them, suck on them. This one just makes me smile. And Mom's hand holding the other foot just gives a sense of perspective and how small they really are...

Stay tuned for next month's image!

PS - We have some really huge news coming your way. Check back to see....!

Wednesday, August 08, 2007


Hey Everyone,

So, I was going to wait and surprise you all with this, but I just can't wait any longer...!

Weeks ago I asked a friend, who has been married a few years now, if she would get back into her dress so I could take some pictures of her. She more than politely obliged and was very excited when I told her what my plan was. I told her I wanted to do something gritty, urban, industrial. And I knew just the place. We had my good friend Tiffany Jones, from the OttawaMakeupArtists do the makeup. Initially I thought I wanted dramatic makeup, but since my model was a natural beauty and she would be posed against some graffiti and dirt, it had to be a very natural look.

I scouted a few locations in Ottawa, and found some of the more dirty, garbage infested areas in town, but I'll get to that in a minute. Laura donned her very expensive Justina McCaffrey dress for the day and we set off on our adventure.

Here is the first pic of the day. Isn't the bride beautiful?!

Straight out of Vogue...

Believe it or not, we took this shot on a bench in front of the water treatment facility. A perfect backdrop for our "Trash the Dress" photo shoot!

Same bench, same water treatment facility. I loooooove this shot. The contradiction of the dirty background with an old trash bin and tractor tire, with a lovely model in her beautiful dress.

This image is so simple, yet so intense. I just told Laura to lean against the pillar, that's it. Seems like it should be more difficult than that.

I had Laura take off her shoes for this shot and asked her to spin around in her dress. The scene is somewhat dizzy, but I'm adding it to the 'favourites' folder.

Here is the same scene. The graffiti in the bg is wicked cool.

Again, the intensity of this image is almost overwhelming. Her eyes seem almost's mesmerizing.

We really did some cool shots, but the dress is none the worse for wear! And it was so worth it. I haven't posted all the pics, I want you to come by to check them out... :). Thanks Laura, Shane and Tiffany! It was a super day!

SO, for all you brides out their who want to get back into their wedding dress and do something entirely different, be sure to contact me! After all, how many times after you're married will you be able to wear it again? What happens to it? It just sits in the closet and wastes away....NOW IS YOUR CHANCE to break it out again!!!

We are adding a "Trash the Dress" session to a few of our packages for 2008! Be sure to inquire!

And if you're already married and want to dust off your dress, be sure to give me a call, and we'll hook you up! And yes, the guys are more than welcome to get into their tux or a nice suit and join their wives.