Friday, April 25, 2008

Blogapalooza (Vol. III) - LeeAnn & Rick!

And now....Vol iii!

LeeAnn and Rick are of course another amazing couple who were so wonderful to work with. They were such naturals in front of the camera and you'll see why...

LeeAnn just after putting on her dress.

I love this shot of LeeAnn as she gets ready by the warm window light...

The guys as they walk to the ceremony.

First kiss!

Fun group shot in that sweet afternoon light.

Killer shot of the groom's hands.

Maureen's favourite of the day!

We had to make use of this terracotta wall!

Maureen's signature shot! So lovely...


Great shot of the groom.

I don't know what it is about this shot that I love so much...

Part of the signature collection!

The BB signature. Gorgeous.

My fave. I adore this one. Doesn't LeeAnn look absolutely stunning?!

Italian traditions are the best!

Let's end off with a bang!

R & L, what can I say? It was a blast!

Thursday, April 17, 2008

Blogapalooza (Vol. II) - Chantale & Derrick!

When Derrick Rice, an Ottawa photographer asked me to shoot his wedding at first I was a bit apprehensive as I know how discerning and particular the photographic eye can be. But at the same time I was very excited at the opportunity, hoping that we were chosen for our style. When I found out where he was getting married, the choice was a no-brainer.

Las Vegas, Nevada.

Would you turn it down?! I didn't think so.

In the end I didn't need to worry at all, as they told us to just 'do your thing'. It really makes the job easy when the couple is up for being sexy and having fun! And did they deliver!! Chantale and Derek were just the best, and superb to hang with for a day.

I wanted to pick so many more to post, but I had to cut it down.

Chantale and Derrick got married at Caesar's Palace. What an amazing hotel! Derrick loved it so much he had to have the socks!

I love this shot of Chantale's mother waiting for the ceremony to begin.

The light just after the ceremony was just glorious! Derrick's expression here is perfect, I love the way he is looking at Chantale!

More of that spectacular Vegas light...

Killer shot of the ladies by the Roman pillars.

And the boys. How cool does Derrick look?!

There were very few parts of the hotel that weren't inundated with people, so when we found one, we jumped all over the opportunity.

We stayed close to Caesar's Palace, and it had some amazing white walls that were just perfect.

How sexy are these two?!?!

I love the lines in this one...

I adore the next 3 shots....(Chantale is simply stunning)

And my fave of the day...oh, how I love it!

Chantale worked it!

Maureen's fave!

Caesar's Palace. 'Nuf said.

Let's end off with a BB signature. Their eyes look so crisp and so bright! (wouldn't yours if you were getting married in Vegas?!)

Thanks so much C & D, you guys are simply the best! You both were so accomodating and willing to do anything we asked. And Maureen and I felt warmed and accepted by your families, they are all stupendous people!

What an awesome day!

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Blogapalooza (Vol. I) - Charlyne & Matt! put it lightly, it's been a while.

I've got so much to tell you!!

I've got so much to show you!!





And a few surprises....

To catch up, we're doing a BLOGAPALOOZA for the next while to get us back on track.

We're starting with Charlyne and Matt. This was a winter wedding that we shot at the Museum of Civilization. And we're going to give you lots for your eyes to feast upon.

A new take on the shoes shot!

Matt agreed to see Charlyne before the ceremony. He presented the bouquet to her. I love the sequence...

The museum had wonderful light.

Tender shot...

You may have seen this image on some of my promo pieces! I love it!

Elegant and beautiful.

What do you get when you mix side light, a swanky suit and Matt?? This...

Some silly fool pulled the fire alarm at the museum. Being hearty Canadians we headed outside and made use of the stunning backdrop. Yes, that is the Parliament buildings in the background.

How many couples can say they had a winter wedding? So gorgeous!

A nice relaxed portrait.

Shoes...with ATTITUDE!

We were able to get back inside to fire off a few more frames.

Charlyne and her maid of honour.

A budding supermodel...what a cutie!!

The museum has some funky architectural aspects to it. This is one of Maureen's faves!

I love that our couples are up for anything. Charlyne and Matt are no different. Stunning! Right out of Vogue!!

My favourite! Her eyes are absolute on fire!

A BB signature. My second fave...!

The happy couple with some swanky backlight...

Thanks so much you two! Whatever we asked, you guys totally delivered!!