Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Jenn & Koert!


It's been a while since I've posted a wedding. Agreed. But you'll appreciate the wait after you've seen some of the pics in this post and in posts to come.

Jenn and Koert are a rockstar couple - they both train for triathlons and in fact he actually coaches other triathloners. On top of that Koert is a firefighter. They are both super fit and it's a real testament to how hard they train.

Onto the pics. Jenn had a stunning dress.

Some of Koert's firefighting gear.

They had a lovely outdoor wedding at the Billings Estate. The weather was fantastic!

These two were so great in front of the camera...

Love the big doors and Jenn's pose. L-Oh-V-E it!

Sun flare...holla!

Rings. Pose. Click.

The kiss...

Like I said...rockstarz!

They said they wanted us to do our "thing". I think we did it.

Traditional, but still gorgeous...

What a couple, what a day!

Monday, January 26, 2009

Nolita Makeup is here!

One of our best friends in the world has taken the plunge and decided to start her own business in the makeup industry. You may have met her before in a few previous posts, but if not, I'll introduce you again!

Everyone meet Shaghig.

She is the brain, face, and talent behind Nolita Makeup, and ladies she is VERY good! You need to go check out her site right now, especially if you are in need of a super-talented makeup artist for your wedding, evening gala, or just a night out!

Check out some of her handiwork on these gorgeous ladies, photos taken by yours truly...