Friday, November 21, 2008

Stephanie & Ryhan!

Stephanie and Ryhan just might have picked the best day in the summer to get married! And they did it in style at a lovely winery in the scenic Picton, Ontario area. It was just gorgeous!

Here is Stephanie getting her makeup done by a friend...

I just adore this shot Mo took of Stephanie just after she got into her gown. Simply stunning! Possibly my fave of the day!

While Mo was with the girls, I was with Ryhan and his gents.

Doncha just love it when a guy opts to splash a little colour around. Snappy!

There was an amazing glass block wall just outside the honeymoon suite that was just begging us to snap a few pics in front of it. Worth it?

I'd say so!!!

Stephanie's dad walking her down the aisle in their lovely outdoor ceremony...

I just love how the bride is looking at her husband-to-be during the ceremony...

And their expressions just after they've said their "I do's".

Then we were able to walk around the vineyard and use some of that spectacular light!

How hot are these two?!

This is about as close as we could get to the vines, but I still love this shot!

More of that glorious evening light...

We were able to snag a few shots in and around the vineyard...

And the beautiful cake...

A funky dance shot taken in the tasting gallery.

What more can I say - great day, great venue, great couple!



Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Vicki & Chris!

Vicki and Chris are such a nice couple that were introduced to us by friends of ours. They are down-to-earth, fun-loving and were willing to have some fun with us! Not to mention, Chris is a big soccer player, so I knew we'd get along famously.

The makeup was done by one of my best friends in the whole world, Shaghig Reynolds, whose website is going live in a very short while. She did such a fabulous job as you are about to find out! Soooo, if you're getting married next year and need a very talented makeup artist, be sure to look her up!

On to the pics...every girls gotta have a proper pair...

This image is so ethereal to me. I think it is d-vine.

Vicki and Chris had an outdoor ceremony. It was lovely. Check out that light!

Love their expressions as they walk down the aisle after their nuptials.

Vicki with her girls. Aren't they hot?!

Chris and the boys cleaned up alright themselves!

Vicki was just enjoying her day, while I was shooting the guys. I turned quickly and got this...

On to a few pics of the happy couple. I'll let the photos do the talking...

Maureen's fave of the day.

My fave of the day.

Let's end off with a BB signature!

What a great day! Hope you enjoyed them,


Sunday, November 16, 2008

Megan Ashlee & Brandon!

We had the good fortune of going to the quaint little town of Westport to shoot the wedding of Megan Ashlee and Brandon. Such a great couple to be around all day! And we were lucky enough to stay with a friend nearby that night...thanks Bruce.

The makeup...

They were ready to party right from the start and not even worried about the rain. Great shot of Brandon and Mo's fave of the day!

I love this moment during their ceremony!

This guy was such a little cutie...

The guys...

The girls...

Wonderful intimate portrait that Maureen took!

My version...

Megan looks like a couture model!

Brandon fairs pretty well himself! I love this shot!!

We eventually made our way into Westport and found a few funky places to shoot...

My fave!

Let's end with a bang!

Best wishes!