Sunday, September 28, 2008

Diana & BJ!

About a year ago I received an email from a girl I knew in university mentioning that she'd seen some of our work and wanted to get together to chat about her big day. She'd gone off to the T-dot to start her career and eventually met this guy and they fell in love. I said, absolutely let's sit down, have a coffee and take a look at a few albums. Well, when I met BJ and discovered that his Borat impression was way better than mine, I knew that we'd get along famously! A great girl, a great guy, a great day, a great party. Do I need to do any more talking? No. Just get to the pics, right?!

OK, here we go...

Diana's shoes!

The bride smiled and smiled all day long. This is a shot Mo took before Diana stepped out of the limo at the church. She's just beaming!

And after their nuptials, Diana and BJ walked down the aisle and I think their faces say it all...

Wonderful expression on the groom as he looks at the flower girl (who I believe was his niece) after the ceremony.

The happy couple!

So tasty!

I adore this shot, and it so happens to be Maureen's fave of the day!

Helloooo...isn't the bride hot!?!

Speaking of hot...

Groom cleans up pretty good too.

Boys will be boys. Gotta have a cigar.

You may have seen this one before, but it's just so nice, we'll show it twice!

I mentioned earlier that the bride smiled all day long. Isn't this a great shot?! It's my fave of the day. I just LOVE Diana's smile.

Nothing like a classic B&W!

We've never had a bride smile so much. And it wasn't something I ever had to ask from her. It was just such a perfect expression of her happiness! As you might have guessed, BJ's going in after the garter...

Thanks you guys, Mo and I had such a blast all day with you! You were both so warm and generous to us, and really worked it during the photo shoot. Not to mention, it was great to reconnect with some people I hadn't seen since university.

Tuesday, September 09, 2008

Kim & Shawn!

When I met Kim and Shawn, I knew they were right for us. Easy going, fun, energetic and willing to put up with me and my crazy suggestions. Not to mention easy on the eyes!

We started the day at the Chateau Laurier where Amy of the Ottawa Makeup Artists was there to make all the girls look uber-fab!

Kim's dress was gorgeous!

Just before the ceremony, we had a few minutes to shoot just the bride. We couldn't have picked a better place. She seemed so relaxed before her 'I do's.

We did the group shots at the Museum of Civilisation. Meet the group...

Swanky couple, swanky background.

I simply adore this shot of the bride....I love the water droplets in the background, I love her!

But I have to admit that I love this shot even more. When Kim is with Shawn, they just seem to fit. Easy to see why it's my fave of the day.

It's not a complete profile without a BB signature!

Then we cruised over to the National Gallery of Canada for the reception and a few quick shots outside. Worth it? I think so...

Such a wonderfully tender shot...

A different perspective. Tasty!

Kim says she never looks good on camera. I think she's playing me. Annnnd I think she's absolutely radiant!

OK ladies - when I ask you to sit on the ground, I promise I'm not going to ruin the dress. And if you can have a pic like this....well, isn't it worth it?!

And now let's add the groom...voila...piece de resistance...

Some details that Stacey and the crew at Marry Me Productions put together at the NAG. I believe the flowers were from Flowers Talk. The place looked incredible and everything went off without a hitch...

Great shot of the first dance that Maureen took from the balcony!

Thanks to you both for a lovely day. You were both patient and willing and we loved working with you!

BB & Mo