Sunday, September 30, 2007

Holly & Andrew!

Holly and Andrew were married at St. Joseph's in downtown Ottawa. After that we headed to the Chateau Laurier for a few snaps and then down near the Bytown locks with just the newlyweds.

Apparently Holly is attached to her Blackberry. Sometimes they come in handy...

St. Joseph's is such a beautiful church with so much natural light! We are so blessed in Ottawa to have such gorgeous churches.

A quick snap I took after we finished the family pics. I love the warm glow! (for the photo buffs out there - shot wide open at 1.4!!!)

I always shoot the guys in a really casual way. Andrew and his boys are so relaxed!

The ladies all had wonderful smiles and this proves it!

One of my favourites of the day! Modern vintage at it's best.

Full view. Love this one too...looks like it could have been taken in Greece...

And with the groom. Killer sequence!

Maureen's favourite of the day.

Architecture in wedding photography? Nummy.

Maureen's other favourite (how many can you have!?).

I love how razor sharp this image is!

Holly's expression says it all.


As we crossed the road to the Chateau Laurier.

Holly and Andrew - what a great shoot we had. It couldn't have gone any better!

Monday, September 17, 2007

Agnieszka & Chad!

Hey everyone!

Just wanted you know that wedding season is still in full swing and we're still on the streets rocking it!

Take Agnieszka and Chad for example - not all that long ago we spent a lovely day shooting their nuptials. They were up for anything and you'll see why in a minute. Check out these pics, I'm sure 1 or 2 will get you excited!

This is a fun one of the bride checking herself out just after putting on her dress. So cute.

And the shoes (she didn't complain all day!)...

Stepping out of the 1930 Model A. Very swanky!

A pics of the boys waiting for the ceremony to begin

I love this candid of the groom's ring just after the ceremony.

Another tasty candid. This time of the bride's ring and some dress detail. Love those vintage shots!

We cheated a little to get this sunset shot, but I think it turned out beautifully!

The wedding party kept the jokes and funny faces flying the whole shoot. You guys were awesome to be around and made our day!

This is where things get warmed up! Here the bride is kissed by the groom. Killer shot!

Great semi-traditional shot of the b&g...

OK...the bride is looking just fan-tas-tic!!!

Lying on a bench, she was so in her element. I'm sure the groom will be speechless after seeing this shot...

The groom cleans up pretty good himself!

And finally a shot of the couple with some snap!!!

I know I always say this, but you guys were just awesome people and so great with me and Maureen. We talked about the shoot the whole way home. And what you see here is only a small sampling of your entire day!

Thanks so much and enjoy the honeymoon!

Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Simone & Chris!

Maureen is always bugging me that I never post enough images on my what better wedding to start with than that of Simone and Chris! They are a genuine couple blessed with wonderful family and friends. The event was taken care of and planned by the wonderful staff at Marry Me Productions. Call them if you need some help with your big day - they are awesome and will help you make your day stress free!

As for the day itself, it could not have been more perfect - there wasn't a cloud in the sky and the setting sun over the Ottawa River left nothing to the imagination!

The beautiful dress:

and shoes...

The bride getting into a vintage car!

The glowing bride with her father on the way to the church! Doesn't she look gorgeous?!

I love the perspective of the old car and the bride as she heads into the church.

Notre Dame Cathedral. It's such a magnificent piece of historical architecture. Because it's so popular with the tourists, a sign must be posted to keep them out during the ceremony!

The newlyweds sharing a kiss in the old car...

I love me my reflections!

The bride bathed in amazing light on the way to the formals!

Vintage shot of the B&G holding hands during the formal pics. Love it!

The boyz...

The girlz...

I love the following sequence of the bride. She has the most stunning smile, which lights up her entire face. Maureen took these shots as I was goofing around with the guys. These are stupendous images and some of my absolute favourites!!!

The bride in her magazine cover pose...(ah-may-zing!)

Bride and Groom on the terrace of the Chateau Laurier as the sun sets over the Rideau Canal and Ottawa River. A lovely ending to an amazing day!

We had such a fantastic day not only shooting pics, but of just being with you on your wedding day!

PS - Stay tuned for the slideshow.

Friday, September 07, 2007

Photo of the Month!

This is the POM.

This image exemplifies where the wedding photography industry is going - everywhere and anywhere. Back alleys and construction sites. And why not? All your favourite fashion mags do. Why should you limit yourself to a few trees in the park? Not that there is anything wrong with that, but don't be afraid to step out of the mould. Be imaginative, be daring...the possibilities are limitless.

About the image - taken at a recent wedding shoot with the b&g. Location - any guesses?

Natural light, no flash. Opened up about 2/3's of a stop. F2.8. There you are - not really a secret recipe tho is it?

In PS, I gave it a slight Cross Process tweak. With that twist and a stunning bride, I think it's got a Vogue cover feel to it. I really love this portrait. It's soft and yet very strong at the same time.

Thanks J and D for being bold enough to trust me with this shot. It was fun wasn't it?