Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Becky & Geoff!

Remember how I told you how lucky I am to be a wedding photographer...well Becky & Geoff are the reason why I do what I do. They are the most amazing couple! Their love just radiates from one another, and it was evident to everyone who shared in their nuptials. I felt so warmed by their happiness for each other and despite it being the biggest day of their life, they made me feel like a close friend all day.

Becky is an interior designer, and Geoff, among other things, plays in a band. With their artistic influence, they really wanted something not only memorable but different and they were up for anything. As a result, not only did we get 'memorable', but we got 'flair', we got 'class', we got 'beauty'...and we definitely got 'love'!

Becky had the most amazing shoes I think I have ever seen...

Not to be outdone, Geoff wore a suit with green pinstrips and a green tie. And his belt buckle was a 'G'.
Frickin' A!

We had lovely weather all day, and the light was just perfect. Geoff is so working it.

I just had to take a 'few' more shots of those killer red shoes. You didn't think I would take just one didya?!

This shot was taken just outside The Social, where they had their dinner. So editorial. So delish. I couldn't have asked for better light.

I can't tell you how much I L-O-V-E this shot...honestly, it's one of my new favourites!!

Guys, you two are so awesome! Thank you so much for a wonderful day. Truly, it was fabulous...

Here is a ***SLIDESHOW*** that I hope captures the spirit of your day. Enjoy!

Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Becky & Mike!

A few weeks ago, we had the chance to shoot Becky & Mike's wedding. They are a super couple who are warm, caring and in every way, fun people to be near. It shows in their friends and family as well, who were so nice to us the entire day.

Here is a pic of Becky. She looks stunning!

And one of the boys. Very dapper in their most casual pose...

The ladies were all gorgeous!

And of course, the couple of the hour!

Guys, we had a blast with you! Thanks again for being so much fun to work with.

Here is a ***SLIDESHOW*** of your day! Hope you enjoy.

Monday, July 02, 2007

Sara + John!

I'm so lucky to be in the business that I am. I was not only able to shoot Sara & John's engagement, but their wedding as well. Why does that make me so lucky you ask? Well, they are just stupendous people and they welcomed us into their family and circle of friends with open arms. We both felt like we'd known them for years, which is such a great feeling. And to top that off, they have some of THE most amazing shots we've ever done. And I'm not just saying that because they're paying me...but I truly believe it. They gave me enough time to create images for them that they will truly cherish forever (which I rarely get), the light was perfect, and they gave me full creative control and trusted me completely. Oh yeah, it also helps when you are surrounded by very good looking peoplel!!

This makes our job so much easier. We have a chance to really get into the shoot. And it paid off! You be the judge...

A nice vintage feel. Love that caught off-guard look.

One of the flower girls (she loved the camera!).

The boys, in their most casual pose.

One of my new favourites (you're going to see this one out there in the future...). See what I said about crazy good looking people!

I could go on and on about how photogenic the bride was, but I think this sums it up.

We'll use anything as a backdrop. The bride and groom are seen here at the lifeguard hut.

Their first meeting in the church.

A beautiful moment on the beach.

Seated on the rocks. For you photographers out there, no flash, no fill. Just 100% pure over exposure. Remember to expose for the face. Then you'll get that super sweet wraparound effect.

Once again, vintage.

3 words - vintage, Vintage, VINTAGE!!!

Honestly, it will be tough for you guys to pick a top photo. There are literally hundreds of butt-kicking images, that will knock your sox off!

Check out the ***SLIDESHOW*** to see some more from this amazing wedding.

Thanks again, for letting us be part of your very special day!

Anna & Kelvin!

May is definitely a "very merry" month. Anna and Kelvin are proof to that. A really superb couple that love each other so much. They had great weather for an outdoor marriage and it was fun to be there to capture some of what made it such a special day for them!

Check out the ***SLIDESHOW***!

Thanks for letting us be there with you on your biggest day! We had so much fun.

Julianna & Curtis!

Hi Gang!

I had a chance over a month ago to shoot a wonderful couple - Julianna and Curtis. They both come from fabulous families who are warm, generous and very loving. They are so fortunate! To top that off, Julianna's father married them. How awesome is that?! Biggest day of their lives and her father not only walked his daughter down the aisle, but also got to marry her. Amazing!

Click ***HERE for the SLIDESHOW***.

We had the best time with you guys! What a super day!