Monday, April 02, 2007

Arizona - Part one!

I know it's been a long time coming and I've just finished editing my pics from our trip to Phoenix! Thanks for being patient with me.

Let's get started. When we left Ottawa it was a blustery -35 and we couldn't wait to get away to warmer climes...

Once we arrived and put on some shorts and t's, we headed over to Scottsdale. A lot of the old west still lives there and they've instilled that in the community.

There are a lot of artisans that have taken their inspiration from the landscape as well as their heritage. I love the close up of this painter and his brush.

Sun dried peppers literally the sun....

Cowpokes to the left please!

Me and my fascination with cactuses's, cactus', cacti. I had never seen one up close in the wild, they were massive!!!

As the day wears on, one gets tired and dry. We needed a pick-me-up. Where better to go than the Sugar Bowl. Fresh ice cream in the old malt shop style.

There was even a joint in town for the local Harley afficionados to hang out. Granparents too. The licence plates say '4 GPA' and '4 GMA'. I'm down with that!

Our next trip took us to Vegas. What happens in Vegas...kidding. Here is where we ate the first night - Tao. Asian Fusion. D-lish!

Very funky...

A view from our hotel room. The other part of the palms. On the NBA All-Star weekend, that is where the tall fellas stayed. Get a load of this guy cleaning windows 20 floors up. Nutters!

A view of the mountains surrounding Vegas reflected off the windows. So cool.

Some pics from our walking tour. Definitely an adult playground.

And some of the tables. I'm not one for roulette or blackjack - although I like it, but I wouldn't want to ruin it for the next people beside me at the table. I know some people get pretty angry when you don't pull cards when you should. Hold 'Em is my game! I wanted to sit and play a tournament, but we just didn't have the time.

More cacti!

View of the Palms at night. What a cool hotel!

On the second night we ate a place called Little Buddha. The food was ah-may-ZING! Loved it. Some sushi dishes along with some tastey fish dishes and some stuff I'd never tried before. I would highly recommend if you are in Vegas.

A few cosmos to savour before the meal. Can't go wrong...or can you? Ladies?

Well, that's it for installment one of this program. Stayed tuned for the Grand Canyon and Flagstaff. Amazing stuff...