Monday, September 25, 2006

I's the by!

Sorry it's taken so long to post, but we just got back from a much needed vacation in Newfoundland! What a beautiful country we live in and I have to say, I'd be surprised that you couldn't find one place to take a picture where you'd blow it up big and hang on your wall. Unfortunately, we only spent a week there, but I finally got to meet Maureen's family that I hadn't met before. We toured the countryside, played 120 (pronounced one hundred and twenty, not one-twenty!) - a fun card game likely invented there, ate cod and I got screeched in! If you're not from NFLD, but have visited there, there is a good chance you've been 'screeched' in yourself. I won't spill the beans, just be sure to ask your Newfie friends what goes on.The top pic is a picture of lobster pot in a stage (stages are the garage like structure on the water where the cod are dried and equipment is stored, at least as I've been told).

We had a fabulous time and I want to thank all the friends and family that we stayed with, saw countryside with, played cards, and fed us (we're now on a diets again - I was addicted to partredge berries!!).

This next pic is of a whole bunch of stages. They are all painted red. Ask me if I know why....perhaps because they are so nice to look at!

I just loved the reflection of the stage and the timbers in the water of this one.

An old prop, on a rusty sea-faring vessel at dusk.

Lobster pots (I have a few pics of them!).

This pic was taken on an island called Fogo. We got to it by Ferry and Mo got to steer it - it was so cool. This island was incredible! The landscape was barren but had these amazing fishing villages on them. Some of the names of the villages were neat too - Joe Batt's Arm (my fave :)), Tilting, Seldom, Little Seldom, Barr'd Island! The accent was cool too - a mix of Irish and something else - the NFLD accent at it's best!

Maureen's aunt's house - I loved this shot. I went back 3 times to shoot this one. Thanks Auntie Kay for letting us stay and taking care of us - we love you!!

This was from our trip down to the ocean itself. I dipped my feet in the Atlantic ocean for the first time ever! We tried a few boring poses, but it wasn't working for me, so we added a little pizzazz and this is one of the best ones. Girl's got hops!

This is probably one of the most spectacular vista's I have ever come across. We were in Bonavista and driving over a hill to see another site when we came across these horses grazing just feet from the ocean, near cliffs with a 100 foot drop! The sun was just beginning to set and the light was perfect, so I had to stop. I still can't believe it...

A proud fisherman and his catch!

The gorgeous lighthouse in Bonavista. Something I'll never forget.

The cliffs approaching the cape at Bonavista. This is just a day after Hurricane she'd never been there.

Sunset in Bonavista harbour. If you look close you can see a gull zooming by.

An abandoned vessel. They littter the coast.

Just loved the colour of this one :)

Can't get enough of those beautiful reflections. Something so serene in the water there...

Newfoundland and Canadian flags side-by-side. This was painted onto the back of a fishing boat.

Well, that's my post for now, hopefully I can post a lot more for you to see again soon!

Take care and keep shooting!


Monday, September 04, 2006

Gray skies are gonna clear up!

Well, it's labour day weekend and the weather hasn't been the best. But armed with a desire to be challenged and get outside of the house, we opted to use our time to do a casual photoshoot!

So, Mo and I used some of our time and creativity on Saturday when the rain stopped for a bit to go out to a local park and see what we could come up with.

Always a good laff, and a good time just hangin' out with each other! Ain't we lucky!

Here's one of Mo from above:

And the same in b & w. Isn't she a stunner!

And hey, what photoshoot wouldn't be complete without a shot with the photographer!

Another of the perky redhead from above. I think was holding on to a fence while taking this one.

Just put the camera on a 10 sec timer, used the case of my light disc as a place marker, ask Mo to jump on my back, et voila:

A pensive shot through the bushes...

I really like this one! It's an interesting perspective:

Shot while she stood on a small hill with the gray skies in the bg. The colour version didn't have enough impact for me.

Set the camera at ISO 50 and about an 1/8th of a second. You should try this method, it can produce some really interesting results!

A green park with an attitude...

With a little help from the gold reflector :)!! Anyone know where I put it?

I like the use of negative space in this one...and a slight tilt of the camera...

Another shot on the ground:

Another taken from above.

And here's how it looks in colour. She's got piercing blue eyes!
(and no flash!)

I hope you had a well-deserved rest on your labour day weekend and that you got time to see your family and friends.